Gaia Music Collective
Saturday, April 22
4:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Please note: this is a shoes off space


Gaia Music Collective is a creative community currently based in NYC. We believe that collective music-making is a deeply enriching and innately human experience that should be accessible to everyone. So many music-making communities have rigorous audition processes, demanding rehearsal commitments, perfectionistic expectations, or expensive dues. We're here to try something different. We're here to build a community where you can come as you are, sing however feels good, and make beautiful music and new friends as your weird, authentic, beautiful self.


In Gaia Music Collective's One-Day/One-Night Choir series, we gather to build community, make music with new friends, and sing our heart outs. Led by Gaia founder and vocal music magic-maker Matt Goldstein, we'll pick one piece of music to rehearse and sing, just for fun, just for ourselves. We'll run things section by section, break down the emotions at play in the piece, work on some of the key musical moments, and record a casual rehearsal video of the piece at the end to share with the greater Gaia community. Whether you're a choral veteran or a first-time choir singer, you are welcome here - all experience levels are valued here in Gaia Music Collective.


This event's featured piece will be "Earth Song", a gorgeous piece of vocal music composed by Frank Ticheli. A cry for peace in a world torn by war and climate change, this poignant a cappella setting of an original text is filled with striking dynamic contrasts. "Sing, Be, Live, See... This dark stormy hour, the wind, it stirs. The scorched earth cries out in vain... But music and singing have been my refuge, and music and singing shall be my light..." The lyrics to this piece ring powerfully, and as we get ready to celebrate Earth Day here in Gaia Music Collective, we thought that gathering to sing Earth Song felt fitting.

Check out the piece on YouTube:


Sheet music and vocal recordings of each part will be provided as resources before the event, and our collective goal is to know the music as best we can coming into the gathering! This way we can spend our time together really finding our group sound and taking the music to the next level, rather than trying to teach the parts one by one. We don't need to know our parts by heart by any means, but the stronger we are in our parts coming in, the we'll be able to really dig into the fun stuff!

(If this style of learning isn't your cup of tea, we have other group singing events where you don't need to prepare at all! Check out our Circle Singing gatherings and House Shows.).


We want as many people as possible to be able to experience these gatherings, and since capacity is limited, each spot is precious! If you RSVP but are no longer able to come, please let us know at least 48 hours before the event so that we may offer your spot to someone else.

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Gaia Music Collective is a creative community based in Brooklyn, NYC. This project was born out of a desire to create more spaces for people to find expression, connection, growth, & release through collaborative music-making - a place where folks feel safe to make music free of judgment or expectation, and to make new friends as our weird, beautiful, authentic selves.

All are welcome in this community, regardless of age, race, gender, class, religion, sexual orientation, ability, national origin, language, or musical ability. All we ask is that you bring an open mind, a desire to connect, and a willingness to leave judgment of self & others at the door.

Here at Gaia, we believe that music-making - and making that music in community & collaboration with other people - is a fundamental human need, and this project seeks to build space for that in a day and age when it is so often hard to find.

Gaia seeks to break down the divisions between performer & audience and craft experiences where we are ALL part of the music-making, while also offering a network & platform for local artists & creatives to connect with other artists, activate their creativity through collaboration, and engage their work with other musical minds.

In short - we're here to sing, to play, to connect, to grow, and to have a good time!


202b Plymouth St, Brooklyn, NY 11201