Club Code
Saturday, April 8
11:00 PM - 6:00 AM
doors 6:00, show 6:15, kickback 12:00

Club code

💻 Welcome to Club Code 💻

...the traveling series featuring artists exploring sonic and visual possibilities created with code. The event will comprise of a sit-down live-code show followed by a proper algorave. The event is by artists for artists and community. A celebration of the emergent possibilities working with technology in a live context.

The night will feature live-coded visuals, a live-coded string quartet, Buchla synthesizers, electric cello, visiting artists R Tyler (SF) and c_robo (PGH), and an immersive installation.


Event info

April 8, 2023
Persona, 202b Plymouth Street, Brooklyn, NY maps
doors 6:00, show 6:15, kickback 12:00

  • Bibimbap rice snacks
  • Espresso + fresh OJ pop-up + non alc drinks
  • BYOB otherwise!

Please note, there is a limited number of subsidized tickets available. Refer to the resources** for more context.



6:15 - Sobolik
7:15 - Amuse Bouche, special guests
7:45 - Live-coded String Quartet by Easterner [conductor] & The Poet Engineer [viz]
8:30 - elekhlekha (อีเหละเขละขละ)
9:05 - c_robo [music] & alsoknownasrox [viz]
9:45 - R Tyler [music] & Sandpills [viz]
10:20 - DJ_Dave [music] & Char Stiles [viz]
11:00 - Andy Rolfes [viz] & Dan Gorelick [music]
12:00 [kickback] - Mengze & s4y [viz]

Installations by



We want to ensure this is an inclusive event for all folks. If you would like to attend and are unable to pay the subsidized price, please DM us at our Club Code IG account.

The Standard ticket pricing is meant for folks who have financial security, whether that means a full time job with benefits, stable housing, no debt, generational wealth, and/or no stress about paying bills.

These are some resources we find helpful for understanding more about sliding scale tickets and income brackets.



alsoknownasrox - IG, live visuals with Max/MSP/Jitter - Roxanne Harris is a New York-based audiovisual artist approaching programming as a medium for creative expression. She specializes in programming as performance, modifying real-time processes to create dynamic audiovisual experiences. She spends her time finding new ways to engage with the world, destructing and reconstructing existing structures as she goes.

Andy Rolfes

Andy Rolfes - IG, live-visuals with Unreal Engine – Andy Rolfes is a New York-based visual artist and director focusing their practice on how the dichotomy between escapism and voyeurism plays out in the spaces between tech and physicality. Using performative and interactive toolsets alongside traditional methods, they work extensively across industries to build stills, animations, performances and interactive experiences. As an artist, Andy has worked with Lady Gaga, Danny Elfman, MoMA, Adult Swim and many more.


c_robo - IG, live-audio with TidalCycles – Will Rinkoff is a livecoder currently based out of Pittsburgh. He uses Tidalcycles, Supercollider, and Neovim to make music. He's been exploring how musically expressive a laptop interface can be in real time, with no specialized hardware. He's inspired by a need to make laptops function as instruments, and not just tools for composition.

Char Stiles

Char Stiles - IG, live-visuals with GLSL – Char Stiles is an artist, educator and software engineer based in Brooklyn, NY. She is a part of the collective, where she organizes shows, and creates music and visuals. She co-founded Hex House, an artist studio & event space for experimental performances, unconventional computing, and pleasure studies.


Conundrumer - IG, installation – (David Lu) is a Brooklyn-based artist-researcher and creative technologist developing ways to create expressive and tangible live electronic music. In his research on expressive performance, he has built custom instruments and audio effects, experimented with expressive controllers, and integrated acoustic instruments into his sets. He seeks to make music tangible and synesthetic through creating tightly-synchronized lights and visuals and designing audio visualizers that reveal the details in sounds. His music spans the space between abstract noise, melodic compositions, and the wildly diverse styles of electronic dance music. He also works at Persona and built this very website! - IG, installation – (Don Hanson) is a designer, electronic musician and Internet artist known for creating experimental websites and establishing New Art City, the virtual art space for digital exhibitions. He designs software visual synthesizers and is currently working on a new series of generative artworks that doubles as a live AV performance tool.

Dan Gorelick

Dan Gorelick - IG, live-audio with TidalCycles – Dan Gorelick is a Brooklyn and San Francisco based artist, developer, and creative technologist. He blends live-coding with acoustic and electronic instruments to create improvisational performances. He uses an open-source tool called TidalCycles, to create musical ideas on-the-fly.


DJ_Dave - IG, live-audio with Sonic Pi – DJ_Dave is an experimental electronic-pop artist, DJ, and producer. As the first to combine live coding and DJ mixing simultaneously in her shows, Dave is paving the way in bringing algorave to the masses. From DJing underground parties with New York icons to drawing crowds at mainstream festivals like Portola, Electric Forest and Art Basel, Dave has become one of the next generation’s most in-demand live acts.


Easterner - IG, live-coded String-Quartet (see below) – Eric Lee (Easterner) is an interdisciplinary artist from London/Hong Kong, based in New York, who is curious about the cyborg condition: what does it mean to live in interconnected human-machine communities in a precarious world? He plays with old and new technologies—-ubiquitous to obsolete—-in order to explore their poetic potential, as well as question their social impacts. His latest project, “human machine interface // vox machina”, experiments with the live coding of human instrumentalists and vocalists.


Elekhlekha - IG, live-coded audio-visuals with Ocra and Hydra – elekhlekha(Kengchakaj & Nitchafame) อีเหละเขละขละ is a collaborative research-based group consisting of Bangkok-born, Brooklyn-based artists, Kengchakaj–เก่งฉกาจ and Nitchafame–ณิชชา. We are interested in subversive storytelling using non-dominance sound, narrative and visual archives, historical research–decoding and unlearning biases, performing documents, multimedia, and technology to experiment, explore and define decolonized possibilities.


Mengze__ - IG, Kickback DJ Set – Mengze (fka dj doge mli) is a Brooklyn-based DJ, producer, and organizer of monthly party sweethearts club.

R Tyler

R Tyler - IG, live-coded audio with TidalCycles – R Tyler is an algorave artist and computational biologist living in San Francisco. He produces algorithmic dance music, incorporating custom computational tools for music theory, machine learning, microtonal tuning systems, and translation of expressive MIDI piano recordings into remixable, executable code. He has performed in Silicon Valley, Oakland, Ibiza, Portland, San Diego, SXSW, Gray Area SF, NYC, and released several albums. He enjoys throwing algoraves with AV Club SF, laughing at normies, and making computers sound like humans (and vice versa).


s4y - IG, live-coded visuals with custom library – s4y is a creative technologist and performer based in Brooklyn, NY. In pursuit of DIY, he makes his own software to perform live visuals, fabricates circuit boards in his kitchen, and occasionally solders electronics from moving trains. His recent collaborations span live dance, physical immersive art, and 3D virtual spaces.


Sandpills - IG, live-coded visuals with Touch Designer – Viola He (sandpills) is a Shanghai-born, Brooklyn-based artist, educator, and cultural organizer. Their creative practices engage with DIY electronics, programming, movements, and time-based media. Using algorithmic approaches to enhance, alternate, and obfuscate sounds and images, they work to explore pathways towards alternative structures, systems and interfaces. Viola often dreams about clowning, computational humor, and infiltrating digital spaces with physical bodies as tools for intervention.


Sobolik - IG, Ambient DJ Set – Sobolik is a Brooklyn-based artist working as a producer, DJ, promoter and label curator. Sobolik's world is filled with colour and hyperkinetic energy - not fitting in one box, their work reacts to a broad palette of styles across North American and UK club music traditions. Their music has trickled out steadily over the past two years thanks to a colorful cohort of net labels operating across both sides of the Atlantic. Their third EP, entitled "Packet Loss," was released in February on Brooklyn’s Kindergarten Records, garnering club and radio support from the likes of VTSS, Rroxymore, DJ Fart in the Club, Ayesha, Lu2k, Martyn, and CCL. The record’s 4 tracks span a wide range of tempos and rhythmic influences, but share a manic, overclocked energy. Teetering between euphoria and psychosis, but rooted firmly in the dancefloor, “Packet Loss” reflects the body drama of social dancing and its powerful role in Sobolik’s life as a locus of becoming, healing, and catharsis.

The Poet Engineer

The Poet Engineer - IG, live-coded visuals with Touch Designer – The Poet Engineer (aka Kat Zhang) is a Brooklyn-based artist working primarily in time-based media: animation, live performances and video installations. Her works are between abstraction and figuration, embracing an unmistakably digital aesthetics. Electronic music, sci-fi, contemporary philosophy tend to inspire her most.

human machine interface // string quartet


Live-coder (music)

  • Easterner

Live-coder (visuals)

  • The Poet Engineer


Previous shows

Moments from the Parallel Play event in Jan 2023, shot by Phillip Angert.

show portion of the night

rave portion of the night

rave portion of the night


202b Plymouth St, Brooklyn, NY 11201